A Smile in the Mind

This book explores witty thinking – playfulness with ideas, words playing against images, and unexpected connections prompting new insights. The authors analyse the thought processes behind the images and through a series of interviews with designers, suggest how to get inspiration. Written with insight and a lightness of touch, it is a helpful sourcebook and a dynamic trigger for ideas.

‘Beautifully edited, lovingly and carefully compiled ... both intellectually and aesthetically stimulating. Oh, and it’s funny too.’
— Graphics International
‘This book keeps the fun coming. There are so many wonderful (and superbly reproduced) examples of sharp, deftly done pieces that the reader becomes greedy, devouring hit after hit.’
— Print
Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart
Edward de Bono
David Jenkins
David Stuart, The Partners
Phaidon Press

290 × 250mm
Hb c.450 colour
250 b&w illustrations

0 7148 3328 2