Advertising Outdoors

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Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and purest forms of communication. This book explores the creative ingenuity of art directors and copywriters who devise the artwork and ideas, and how their artistic input drives an industry that supplies a variety of outdoor locations. The author also examines the rise of ‘commercial art’ and the development of advertising as a discipline in its own right.

‘A masterpiece. It’s an Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Posters But Were Too Busy Producing a Sub-Standard TV Commercial to Ask sort of book. Bernstein understands posters. He understands advertising. And he presents his case with consummate wit and precision.’
— Campaign
David Jenkins
Mike Lackersteen
Phaidon Press

290 × 250mm
Hb c.250 colour
250 b&w illustrations

0 7148 3635 4