Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels

A History of Comic Art

Encompassing traditions from the USA, Britain, Europe and Japan, this is the first fully documented study to explore the graphic qualities of the comic book and the development of the genre into a sophisticated, culturally revealing popular art form. Organized thematically it explores the various comic-book genres, including humour, adventure, underground and alternative, and introduces the creators behind some of the most famous comic characters.

‘Here at last is an authoritative and beautifully produced history of this vigorous and versatile artform, which covers as much of the whole field as a single book could.’
— The Guardian
‘As energetic as a jolt of double espresso and as simultaneously appealing to both sophisticated and street sensibilities ... under Sabin’s fluid hand, images and text come together like an expert cartoonist’s frame-by-frame assemblage of drawings and dialogue balloons.’
— Wired
David Jenkins
Stephen Coates
Phaidon Press

290 × 250mm
Hb c.300 colour
300 b&w illustrations

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